Senior Women

The New Zealand Senior Women's Team team and squad consists of players from school-age to university students, and from professional players overseas to players in the workforce. It is our aim to assist and develop those athletes committed to the programme and that fulfill the requirements set by the High Performance Programme (HPP) to be successful on the highest water polo stage possible.

Athletes in this programme are currently led by head coach Angie Winstanley-Smith. Angie brings a wealth of experience and understanding of the international water polo landscape through her experience as the head coach of the Senior Women's team over the past four years.



The NZ women have a final opportunity to qualify for Paris at the World Aquatics Championships in Doha in February, 2024

There will be 2 places remaining!  New Zealand will have to finish 1st or 2nd out of those who haven’t already qualified.  The 8 of the countries already qualified will include; the host country team, 5 continental qualification teams, and the 2 highest placed teams from the 2023 World Aquatics Championships in Fukuoka. Read more about qualification.

The draw will have a significant impact on their opportunity to qualify.


Photo credit: Niki Paterson

Results: Game 1:  NZL 3 - 17 AUS, Game 2:  NZL 5 - 15 AUS.  Australia qualified for the Olympics.

CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE 2023 Women's Oceania Olympic Qualification Series page.

CANCELLED!  Read More Here!

CONGRATULATIONS to the following athletes who have been selected to represent New Zealand at the ANOC Beach Games in Bali.

Kate Henderson (Marist) - Captain, Lucia Doak (North Harbour), Gabrielle Doyle (North Harbour), Jessica Ingram (Sea Wolf), Isabelle Jackson (Atlantis City), Abbey Keyte (Marist), Agatha Weston (Canterbury) Non-Travelling Reserves:  Holly Dunn (Atlantis City) & Alisha Winstanley (North Harbour)  Coach:  Megan Thomson

NZ Women's Squad:

  • Name  (position)                     NZ Club            
  • Lucia Doak (UT)                       North Harbour   University of California, San Diego
  • Bernadette Doyle (RW)            North Harbour   Auckland
  • Elizabeth Gault (UT)                 Atlantis             University of Hawaii
  • Kate Henderson (UT)               Marist                Auckland
  • Emmerson Houghton (UT)       Waitakere         Spandau 04, Berlin
  • Kaitlin Howarth (UT)                 North Harbour  Fresno State University
  • Jessica Ingram (GK)                Sea Wolf           Auckland
  • Isabelle Jackson (CB)              Atlantis              Michigan
  • Bridget Layburn (GK)              North Harbour    University of Hawaii
  • Gabby MacDonald (LW/RW)    Atlantis              Auckland
  • Morgan McDowall (UT)            Atlantis              Auckland
  • Katie McKenty (UT)                  North Harbour   Auckland
  • Gabrielle Milicich (RW)             Marist               Auckland
  • Jessica Milicich (GK)               Marist                 Spandau 04, Berlin
  • Emily Nicholson (CF)               North Harbour   Water Polo Tenerife, Spain
  • Millie Quin (LW/RW)                 Atlantis              Auckland
  • Sophie Shorter Robinson (CF) Marist                Arizona State University
  • Darcy Spark (CB)                     North Harbour   Auckland
  • Eve Weston (UT)                      Canterbury       Eger Water Polo, Hungary
  • Alisha Winstanley (GK)             North Harbour    Auckland

Development Squad:

  • Samantha Bentley (UT)         North Harbour     Auckland
  • Samantha Bright (GK)            Atlantis               Mount St Marys
  • Gabrielle Doyle (LW/RW)       North Harbour     Auckland
  • Holly Dunn (RW)                    Atlantis                Auckland
  • Abbey Keyte (RW)                  Marist                 Auckland
  • Chelsea Oliver (GK)               Marist                 Cal State University Long Beach
  • Ella Palmer (CF)                     Sea Wolf            Brown University
  • Clodagh Weir (LW)                 North Harbour    Auckland
  • Agatha Weston (UT)              Canterbury          Christchurch

*Please note further athletes will be added to the National Women’s Development Squad post the U20 World Championships in September.

The establishment of the Development Squad should be viewed as a positive step that provides additional opportunities for athletes – particularly those who have progressed past the international age group level by offering them a pathway to reach the standards expected as a National Women’s Squad athlete. There will be a revolving door policy in place where athletes can move between Squads depending on progression. Generally, athletes will need to show an upward progression trajectory.

2023 NZWP Registrations!