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"Sports officials must be able to bring control to chaos, understand fairness, promote safety and encourage good sportsmanship. A sports official must have the positive characteristics of a police officer, lawyer, judge, accountant, reporter, athlete and diplomat. They are also someone who can be put in a position of authority and handle the responsibility without being overbearing.

Along with the rules of the game you must fully understand your role before, during and after the game has ended." From the Sport NZ website, follow link below for full article. Roles of Officials, from the SPORT NZ Website

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Please register via the link below if you wish to referee for NZWP. For any other questions please contact

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Referee Framework and Pathway Document

NZWP Regional Referee Coordinators

The RRC will help facilitate the various referee development opportunities within a region, on behalf of New Zealand Water Polo, acting as a liaison between NZWP and the referees within the allocated region.

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