FUN opportunities for children:


  • Play in the water is FUN and Flippa Ball gives the children the option of playing a ball sport in the water. Children of all sizes love it and it is an easy way for children to become active.


  • Teamwork is FUN and Flippa Ball helps children to understand how to play in a team so that different children with different skills can work together to achieve a goal.

Ball Skills: 

  • Passing and catching and the coordination required to do these things are the basic building block for playing many ball sports. This is a FUN way for children to learn and reinforce a skill that are FUN damental and transferable.


  • Swimming is a core skill. The level of our water competence is dropping (refer to CLICK HERE). Flippa Ball gets children into the water having  FUN. Swimming is part of the activity and the better you swim the better the children can play. This is a  FUN way to get children into the pool to learn and practice swimming.

Water Confidence: 

  • “My child was scared of being splashed – now he plays Flippa Ball!!!!”  We hear stories like this all the time. Flippa Ball is the  FUN way for children to feel comfortable in the water. Once they are confident they can go on to many other aquatic sports.

Aquatic Options: 

  • Many FUN options for continued activity in the water open up for water confident children: Swimming, Surf Live Saving, Surfing, Water Polo. 

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