Public Documents

This page presents various documents that are commonly used for the administration of water polo in New Zealand. The documents listed are available for anyone to download. If you have suggestions for documents that should appear on this page, please email

NZWP Documents

NZWP Close Relationships Policy

NZWP Code of Conduct

NZWP Complaints Policy & Procedures

NZWP Concussion Guidance

NZWP Conflicts of Interest Policy

NZWP Conflicts of Interest Form

NZWP Conflicts of Interest Guidelines

NZWP Constitution (NEW) - December 2022

NZWP Constitution (OLD) - 2020

NZWP Conflict Resolution, Harassment & Bullying Policy

NZWP Diversity and Inclusion Policy

NZWP Health & Safety Policy - December 2022

NZWP Injury and Incident Report Form

NZWP Parent Code of Conduct

NZWP Photography Guidelines and (Photography Registration Form)

NZWP Police Vetting Policy

NZWP Privacy Policy

NZWP Protected Disclosure Policy - December 2022

NZWP Referee Care Policy

NZWP Rules & Regulations -  December 2021

NZWP Selection Regulations -  December 2021

NZWP Social Media Policy

NZWP Squad Guidelines -  December 2021

NZWP Whistleblower Policy

Billeting Guidelines- Updated October 2022

Member Misconduct and Suspension Form

Loan/Transfer/Clearance Forms

NZWP Transfer Application

NZWP Loan Application

NZWP Team Clearance Form For International Event Participation

NZWP International Player/Official Clearance

NZWP Player Clearance for NZ Resident Returning


Please send all loan/transfer/clearance forms to


World Aquatics (FINA) Documents

FINA School 2022 Summary Report - New Rules

FINA New Rules - 2023

FINA Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Process

FINA Water Polo Manual 2019 - 2021

FINA Rules On The Protection From Harassment And Abuse

2023 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods

Policy On Eligibility For The Men's and Women's Competition Categories

Other Useful Resources

Drugfree Sport NZ Link

Sport NZ Balance Is Better 

Score Sheet based on International Model

NZWP Honours and Awards Application Form

Referee Evaluation Form

Event Manual

Competition and Tournament Guide

Event Organisation Manual

Tournament Directors Manual

Tournament Hosting Roles and Responsibilities

Event Hosts Statement of Work

Tournament Director/ Event Manager Statement of Work

Event Evaluation

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