Senior Men

The New Zealand Senior Men's Team squads consist of players from school-age to university students, and from professional players overseas to players in the workforce. It is our aim to assist and develop those athletes committed to the programme and that fulfill the requirements set by the High Performance Programme (HPP) to be successful on the highest water polo stage possible.

Senior Men's Programme - 2024

The purpose of this plan is to present an unified approach with the end goal of creating a clear pathway for the National Men’s program to qualify and be competitive at the Brisbane Olympic Games in 2032.

The next four years mark a pivotal chapter for the New Zealand Men’s Squad. We must align the pathway and create a stronger daily training environment that is consistent and cost effective. We must think strategically and forward plan to ensure we are reaching our full potential. We must be efficient and effective with resources and opportunties.

Click here for the full National Team Performance Plan (pdf document)

New Zealand Water Polo is pleased to announce the NZ Men's Squad. Congratulations to all selected players!


Hamish Booker (Hutt)
Sean Bryant (Hutt)
Louis Clark (Marist)
Ben Fleming (Marist/UC Davis)
Bae Fountain (Tauranga/University of the Pacific)
Lochie Frazer (Canterbury)
Boston Frost (North Harbour)
Amosa Gould (Marist/Serbia)
Flynn Howarth (North Harbour)
Campbell Hulbert (Hutt)
Matthew Lewis (Marist)
Brandon Matthews (North Harbour)
Matt Morris (North Harbour)
Will Murphy (Hutt)
Patrick O’Neill (Canterbury/Krefeld SVK72, Germany)
Sam O’Neill (Canterbury/Krefeld SVK72, Germany)
Jamie Ogilvie-Lee (Hutt/Victorian Phoenix)
Nicholas Paterson (Tauranga)
Darius Porter (Canterbury)
Josef Schuler (Tauranga/Sydney Uni)
Tony Tua-Tagaloa (Sea Wolf)
Keegan Wicken (Sydney Uni)

Hamish Bonnar (Waitakere/West Valley College)
Theo Bos (Tauranga)
Caiden Brown (North Harbour)
Ethan Carrington (Tauranga/Golden West)
Calum De Jager (Marist)
Moe Gath (Hutt)
Cole Johns (North Harbour/Sydney Uni)
Mitchell Keightley (Waikato)
Ashwyn Keshvara (Marist/Barcelona Water Polo)
Kelly McDowell (Hutt)
Tom Patten (Canterbury)
Taine Pickering (North Harbour)
Daniel Warman (North Harbour/University of the Pacific)

Gene Baggott (Tauranga)
Liam Dodunski (Marist)
Daniel Ibbotson (North Harbour)
Sam Keightley (Waikato)
Cole Phillips (Manawatu)
Michael Rodgers (North Harbour)
Alistar Rogers (North Harbour)
Ollie Schnauer (Marist)

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TEAM: Sean Bryant (Hutt) - Captain, Amosa Gould (Marist), Campbell Hulbert (Hutt), Patrick O'Neill (Canterbury), Sam O'Neill (Canterbury), Will Murphy (Hutt), Nicholas Paterson (Tauranga), Non-Travelling Reserve: Jamie Ogilvie-Lee (Victorian Phoenix, Melbourne, AUS). Coach:  Matt Claridge.

Arpad Babay (Assistant Coach), Adam Pye, Patrick O'Neill, Sean Bryant, Will Murphy, Jamie Ogilvie-Lee, Amosa Gould, Matt Taylor, Sam O'Neill, Matt Claridge (Head Coach), Nicholas Paterson, Keegan Wicken, Josef Schuler, Campbell Hulbert, Kelly McDowell

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