Team Announcement - Women's World Champs (Japan)

1 Jun

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to compete in the Women's Water Polo World Championships in July!

1. Jessica Milicich - Captain (Marist)
2. Emily Nicholson (North Harbour)
3. Bernadette Doyle (North Harbour)
4. Elizabeth Gault (Atlantis City)
5. Gabrielle Milicich (Marist)
6. Morgan McDowall (Atlantis City)
7. Emmerson Houghton
8. Katie McKenty (North Harbour)
9. Sophie Shorter Robinson (Marist)
10. Gabby MacDonald (Atlantis City)
11. Kaitlin Howarth (North Harbour)
12. Millie Quin (Atlantis City)
13. Bridget Layburn (North Harbour)

Travelling Reserve:
Darcy Spark (North Harbour)

Non-Travelling Reserve:
Jessica Ingram (Sea Wolf)


Head Coach: Angie Winstanley Smith
Assistant Coach: Megan Thomson
Physio: Dylan Smith
Video: Lachlan Griffiths
Manager: Mandy Anderson
NZL Referee: Dave Couper

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